Thursday, December 22, 2011

Private Selection frozen food line

I received my free coupons from the Private selection line at Kroger which I received from to try and review. I purchased the BBQ Chicken Pizza, the Quiche, and the Vanilla Creme Puffs. I'm glad I received free coupons because at my local Kroger, they were quite high for the amount of each item with the exception of the creme puffs. I cooked the pizza first. I use a baking stone when i cook pizza and even with the backing stone the thin crust pizza was crisp on the edges but tender in the middle. (This is a good thing!) The smell was heavenly let me add. It had great flavor. A fresh taste and the onions were crisp; just like fresh cut onions. Overall, the pizza was good and for someone not needing to feed a large group in's a nice pizza for one or two.

Next, we tried the quiche. It's one of our favorite dishes. They looked great. The filling had a nice taste but you tell it was a frozen food item. Not quite the level of frozen potatoes but you could still tell it was from frozen. Our biggest objection was the crust. It was a little too "bready" for our taste. We prefer a crisp type crust for quiche. But the filling was acceptable and if you like a more bready than crisp shell you may be happy with these.

The creme puffs were good. The only objection to these is that they really aren't a quick, convenient food. You have to let them sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving so I wouldn't suggest these for having on hand in case someone  drops by (unless you have a very talkative guest who's in no hurry). They are however, good in taste and texture.

Overall, we had a good experience with the Private Selection Line but I don't know that we will necessarily revisit these goodies in the future (will with the except of the pizza since my guys really loved it). We will however, be on the lookout for really good coupons or great sales.

*Disclaimer: I did receive coupons for free merchandise as a Bzzagent but this in no way influenced my opinion on this product and/or service. If you are interested in getting to receive and review products, check out for more information.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kroger The Truly Awesome homestyle chocolate chip cookies review

I belong to a site called BZZAGENT. I receive products to review. This weekend I received a package with two boxes of Kroger The Truly Awesome Home-style Chocolate Chip Cookie. I'm not really a chocolate chip fan unless they come straight out of the oven. Prepackaged cookies are just so-so to me. I was pleasantly surprised to try these. 

The first box we ate straight out of the box. They are crispy but soft. I am happy to say they are good for a cookie that comes out of a box but they are also good for just a cookie even compared to homemade. 

The second box we followed one of the directions on the back of the box. It suggests that you microwave for a few seconds. Let me tell you. 20 seconds in our microwave turned these already good cookies into a heavenly treat. It was just like a cookie straight out of the oven. Even the chocolate chips were melty. A tall glass of milk; these microwaved warmed cookies, and a comfy couch will make your day. 

My cookies came from Kroger, but they also come under the package names of Fred Meyer and Ralph's Stores (all of which are Kroger family stores). The box is a little plan- Blue and white with a picture of the cookie. I probably would have bypassed these if I was in the store and hadn't tried them myself.

If you get a chance, look for this box of deliciousness at your local Kroger, Fred Meyer, or Ralph's stores and give them a try. I really think you'll enjoy them as much as we did. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Finding style with Style Find

With the Christmas shopping season getting started I wanted to share a site I found through 

StyleFind is a site that lets you look for the things you love (shoes!) Ok more than shoes. Any kind of fashion  you are looking for. Can't afford that high dollar purse you've had your eye on? Well Style Find will help you find it or something close to it and help you find the best price for it. It's like having your very own personal shopper. 
With a variety of categories, you can shop by brand, item, trend, or even the Editor's pick. And yes, there are shoes...every woman's necessity.  

And my favorite feature:
The site finds deals for members (which it's free to register on the site). They put together some great finds matched up with deals. But the icing on the cake is the tab called COUPONS!!! That's right. They put their coupons right on the site so you can have StyleFind actually find the piece you're looking for AND with a click or two you have your coupons for additional savings just one click away! 

I did notice that the higher priced items seem to appear first and foremost but you can easily sort by price and adjust to your price range. It's easy and once you find what you're looking for, you simply click  and it sends you straight to the retailer's site. 

Overall, I think it's a helpful site that takes some of the legwork out of finding those fashion items you're looking for. As for being frugal? It depends on the combination of store deal, coupons, and best price found by the site. It has the possibilities of saving time, gas, money, and frustration of finding that perfect little black dress and accessories to go along with it. 

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Light

I haven't given this place much attention this past year. Shame on me. I hate to admit I've been so busy I haven't put much effort into saving money. It's time to get back to it though. 
I don't have anything really to share except this offer through, they're giving away a free light (while supplies last) for liking them on facebook. If you're a big reader or just looking for stocking stuffers (it's never to early to start) this is a great little gadget that's hands free. 
Here are the instructions from their site:
Step 1: "Like Us" on Facebook
Step 2: Send us an email so we can verify that you "Like Us"
...Send your email to Put "Facebook miniHUGlight" in the subject line. And put your first and last name (or whatever you go by on facebook) along with your shipping address.

 Step 3: We'll verify that you "Like Us" and send your miniHUGlight totally FREE OF CHARGE! That's right, shipping and handling is on us!

Good luck. I hope we all get one.